Elmshorn, Germany

Hammer meteorite, fall April 25, 2023
On April 25th at 2.14, meteorites fell on the town of Elmshorn. First news, from the local newspaper, Elmshorner Nachrichten as well as social media indicated not only one but several falls. Together with my wife, we have decided to drive to Elmshorn for a weekend and try our luck. We managed to find the first piece shortly after arrival, on May 29th around 14.15 p.m. We found it lying on the pavement. The second piece, 20.45 g, was found 2 hours later after detailed search in the grass, close to the first find. I do not think I need to say how happy we were to have our search started this way.
When it turned out later, these were our only finds. The next day, Sunday, we had to drive back home. It was a fantastic weekend for us, so we left the lovely town of Elmshorn feeling very happy. Meteorite is under classification, probably chondrite typu H breccia
Coordinates of finds 53°45’54.6″N 9°38’47.7″E